Additional Technical Information

Fire and Sound

This is an excellent resource with multiple options for both fire and sound assemblies
APA fire assembly article.pdf

Pressure Treatment

Pressure treatment refers to protecting wood from damage caused by insects, moisture, and decay fungi.

Here is a great summary document put out by the Western Wood Preservers Institute; it’s a summary document describing what IBC says out pressure treating wood: 2006IBC-Aug06.pdf

Below are links to pressure treatment facilities that have informative websites:



Care should be taken by the specifier when choosing a treatment type. Waterborne treatments void the warranty on engineered wood products, but not dimensional lumber.

Catalog hardware can be very costly if the wrong treatment is selected. See the file in the “Hardware” section for more info on treatment and hardware compatibility.


“Hardware” is used to support or connect wood or engineered wood products to one another. Metal hangers are designed for various applications.

Connectors are tested and evaluated by all governing agencies to ensure that they meet published design loads. In regards to engineered wood systems, the connectors are chosen based upon loads of each condition and are included in the package provided by EWSolutions.

Simpson Strong-tie is clearly the leader in hardware, especially when it comes to new pressure treated wood and corrosivity.

This is a great publication: Simpson corrosion info.pdf