Open Web Trusses

An Open Web metal pin connected truss is a structural floor and/or roof component made by connecting metal tubes, usually in a triangular arrangement to wood top and bottom chords.

Key benifits are:

  • Ability to run mechanical through the truss (no drilling holes / hole charts)
  • Light weight compared to solid members
  • Many shapes and profiles
  • Can handle a wide range of load conditions

Truss profiles can be parallel, tapered, pitched and tapered, curved and crescent. Available depths are 14″ minimum to 80″+.

Metal Pin-Connected Open Web Trusses are manufactured by Web Joist NW, Inc

Follow this link for load tables, design guide and standard details: Web Joist NW

Project: Barkley Village, Bellingham, WA. 01/2009.
Scope: Heavy loaded open web floor trusses. Pitched and tapered open web truss roof system.